Will Mystogan ever return to Fairy Tail?

Mystogan is a character that was very popular in the begining of Fairy Tail series, but lately we see a lot of people mention Mystogan and saying that he should comeback. Now as a fan i would love Mystogan to return as well, but what are the probabilities? very low i must say let’s analyse the situation.

Mystogan was very popular character in the early stage of Fairy Tail, he was a S Class Rank Wizard just Like Erza,Mirajane,Laxus and Gildarts and he was ranking on top of the guild.

He always had a mask hidding his identity and had these cool staffs that actually made him look like a wizard. The problem was that Mystogan was so hyped to be one of the most powerfull fighters and his battles were always interrupted (and one of them off screen) so people never seen his true potential.

Because of this many are saying that Mystogan should return for one last battle and show how much powerfull he truly his.

There is just a few problems for Mystogan return and they are first he is stuck in Edolas so for his return they would have to find a way to send him back to Earthland.

Second problem is his current power, back in the early stage of FT Mystogan was around the same power as Laxus, but since Mystogan is gone Laxus is more powerfull, Fairy Tail Members are much more powerfull and of course the villains are more powerfull as well, so if Mystogan returns would he be able to fight against FT enemies?

As a fan this costs me to say for now the probabilities are very low but we can only assume only Hiro Mashima knows for sure if Mystogan returns or not.





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